June 2018

The wilderness seasons of life are periods of struggle. They are the times we are left alone to wrestle with where we are in light of where we want to be and where God is taking us. This is Rapunzel’s lonely tower, Sleeping Beauty’s secluded time in the forest, Ana’s search for Elsa, and Cinderella’s nights by the stove. This is when doubt sets in; when we have misgivings about ourselves and questions for our God. It’s okay to have questions, but we can’t let the wilderness cause us to question God. We have to learn to rest in His sovereignty while living in what looks like uncertainty. This is also the landscape of the kingdom of God and this is often where He does His greatest work in us. He is placing His kingdom in us so that we can bring it to the world around us. It is here that He is teaching our hearts to sing a most captivating song of worship.

Taken from The Happiest Place on Earth as it is in Heaven, chapter 7.

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