March 2018

We can settle for a touch or we can be immersed. God will let us settle, but He has the whole fairy tale for us to discover. He will let us choose to forfeit the desires of our hearts, but if we seek Him first we get it all. Worshipping Jesus is the greatest thing we’ll ever do. It is the cure to boredom, the fix for insecurity, and the downfall of fear. It’s what makes us different. When we follow God, our whole life becomes worship to Him. When we choose to bring the Kingdom of God here on earth, worship transcends beyond voices singing notes and instruments playing chords and becomes the journey of our lives. When we embark on the adventure of such a life, community is no longer about offense, appreciation, or feelings, it becomes a group of fellow sojourners intent on one goal. It becomes the perfect place to be planted and to grow into all that God has for us.

Taken from The Happiest Place on Earth as it is in Heaven, chapter 4.

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