April 2017

The Happiest Place on Earth as it is in Heaven$10.oo

Could it be that all the fairy-tales we grew up loving, all the epic love stories, & all the heroic battles have taken their inspiration from the story of the kingdom of God? We glimpse the almost magic-like power of His kingdom in the smile of a baby; the smell after the rain. It’s there in the holy moments of old love & in the promise of hope found in a new friend. A life of worship brings that kingdom here to earth every day… in the miraculous as well as the mundane. Jesus is standing at the door & inviting us on the greatest of adventures. When we embrace the childlike wonder of the kingdom of God, we can find a truly happy place in every season of life.


The Greatest Story Ever Told



All money collected from the sale of this children’s book goes to Hope House in Haiti. Hope House is an orphanage ran like a large family. In one of the poorest countries, they are some of the richest people I’ve ever met. They also run a free school of over 600 students, feeding each child daily, and a farm that’s aim is sustainability.


I would lose sleep at night if one of my children thought I had overlooked them. So, to prove mommy has no favorites, I must write a blog about Paige. It makes me glad to do so.
I so enjoy my children. I think enjoying them is one of the sweetest parts of parenting. I enjoy who they are, how they’re different, and how they are alike. A natural result of having these sweet babies is the overwhelming thrust to protect them…from everything. It’s important that we don’t enjoy or protect our children at the expense of their training into the mature Believers they are meant to be. I’m learning that God does no less with us, His beloved sons and daughters. He lets maturity have its perfect work in us. In the end we find the completion of this work is worth the difficulty of the journey.

My children are each so different, as all kids are. Megan has always been my grown up, or so she thinks. Hope has never gone gently into any night, or day for that matter, but Paige likes to take her time. She was my smallest baby but she had the loudest cry. She’s great strength in a small package.

Paige is my steady, consistent little girl. She is often the soil in which Hope finds her fun and creativity. She is like glue that holds things together, the kind that dries clear and most never knew it was there. But Sherman knows because he’d be lost without her care. She is my dreamer that supplies her baby sister with new games and fresh tales. Having them share a room was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve gone by their door at night and heard Paige telling Hope stories or singing songs to help her fall asleep. She seems to have an inexhaustible amount of ideas.
Paige is my sweet, constant reminder that I was God’s idea. He imagined me and I came to be. He is writing a uniquely crafted story with my life, and He’s dreaming out loud on every page. All the little and unseen things are like thread weaved together to make a brilliant collaboration of nonfiction. He is never in short resource of adventure and romance. I know…because I’ve lived these many chapters. This is my story.

The idea of being God’s story sparks my interest because I love to read. I’ve never sought out a good book with the sole purpose of getting to the end, because it’s about the journey. I understand this in literature. I know this and yet some days I get distracted trying to get somewhere when the reality is I’m already there, on the page of this day. God has let me learn this lesson in many hard ways. I think He wants it to stick because it’s that important.

There is a power in today that we forfeit when we live for tomorrow.

Lord God, You are enough on the page of today. Take as much time as You want. Dream, create, imagine. I’ll wait here until You’re done. For where else could I go when You have the very words of life.

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