March 2017

I’ve had a difficult week for reasons too many to tell and some too deeply seated to even put into words. A byproduct of my life’s calling, one I couldn’t forsake any more than I could refuse air in my lungs, is a constant awareness of depravity. I love what I do. Trying to do anything else would be equivalent to removing the blood that flows through my body. It’s part of my very existence; attached to me in ways that cannot be severed. It always has been. I see it as I look back, even into my childhood.

This unnerving awareness of things wrong is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about what I do, but still there are days…weeks….years it weighs heavy. I believe it’s the same for us all, in every vocation and in the sheer gravity of this human condition of ours. Deep in our hearts, I think we all know there is something waring against us…an enemy of everything good and right. That enemy wants us to feel alone in this. He wants us to suffer in silence, refusing help from those that could if we’d let them.

In the midst of much inner wrestling, God sent me several sweet gifts this week. The recent time change got the better of me and added to my struggle. Before bed last night I desperately asked God to reset me. I awoke this morning to a few blessings that did just that. One of those resets came at the hand of my first born. Thank You, Jesus, for the little victories. Thank You for the help.

She probably looks the most like me but has some the most unlike me characteristics. This is probably why we often go ‘round and ‘round and ‘round about everything. But if I’m digging deep and being honest, it might be the parts of her that are like me that further continue the cycle. If that young lady has taught me anything, it’s that together is better. God is romancing us and when we respond, we never have to be alone. Not only does He show up when we do, He’s also placed us in a big family…His family. We just have to embrace it and accept the help.

The principles of God are unstoppable. They are like the laws of gravity or inertia, like two plus two always resulting in four. They will do what they are meant to do. When we yield to their power, beautiful things happen. The body of Christ is such a mighty force that so many neglect. It does what it’s created to do when we allow it. It strengthens us, sharpens us, changes us, lifts us higher, and protects us from deception. Today, I am so thankful for those that God has placed in my life. They make me better. Together really is better.

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I love love the sound of little girls. They fill my home and heart each day. I thank Jesus He saw fit to entrust these particular ones to me for this time in their lives. My third born daughter is a bright-eyed, spunky little girl. Her name is Hope and she radiates the meaning of it in every moment. She flies in the face of fear and defies limitations. In her tiara, superhero cape, or with whatever she’s borrowed from the recycling can, she approaches each morning as a new opportunity to explore and create. She embodies what it is to believe…to dream…and to do it with tear-jerking kindness. Her very being shouts, “The best is yet to come.” She is ever in search of fresh glory around each bend like a vacationer on an adventure. That is what hope looks like and hope in Jesus does not disappoint.

That little girl is just one of the treasures I’ve been honored to uncover in my undying pursuit of more. Long ago, I set my life on a path adamantly opposed to any form of settling and, can I just tell you, Jesus has never disappointed me. Hope does not disappoint. Hope finds a way. I’ve seen Him do it countless times and I know He will do it again. It doesn’t matter what Facebook says or what the state of the world around us is in, Hope In Jesus Does Not Disappoint. It’s a fact beyond refuting. A principle that is unchanging.

We will find what we’re looking for. Look for hope. It’s all around; being offered daily. It’s in each sunrise and the flowers blooming. It’s often wearing flesh and coming unexpectedly. It’s sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. It’s there in the smell of spring. It can even taste like ice cream. The possibilities are endless when your eyes are open to it. Look for hope. Let it fill your heart. Let it fuel your pursuits. God is not slow in keeping His promises. Hope shows up right on time. Be on the lookout for it.

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