February 2017

You were born for such a time as this. Not a one moment type of “time” but an each moment type of “time.” Each moment that your living and moving is aimed at Him, you are shining like the noon day sun in the darkness. Each time, you are making mountains move and demons flee that you may not have even known were in your way.

It doesn’t matter if we’re tired. He gives rest that sleep can’t provide. It doesn’t matter if we are broke, He gives a richness money cannot buy. It doesn’t matter if we’re fearful, He gives a love that chases it away. It doesn’t matter if we are unqualified or feel disqualified, His Spirit, the One that created everything: beauty, skill, knowledge, is also the One living inside us and is the One that qualifies His children.

God, when You look at us, find us looking back at You. Find us moving in Your direction. Find us feeding Your sheep. Find us busy about Your business. May we never be farther away from You than our heart touching Yours.

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All the processes of life are to perfect us. He says patience should have its perfect work so we can be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. He says He who began a good work in us is faithful to perfect it. That word perfect means many things. It means mature and complete which would be an entirely great place to stop but then there is another definition I just discovered. It also means: ready to apprehend divine things.

You want to know why sometimes it seems like God hides, why finding Him is like following pieces of bread crumbs? Because our seeking produces a maturity that makes us ready to apprehend divine things. That’s what I’m after. Just that.

God is not a God that can’t be found. Not only is He making us ready to hold greater glory, we are already in possession of a power that makes demons flee and moves mountains.

Dear Jesus, patience is not my favorite word, never has been, but I will make it my new best friend. I will press on until You finish every work You’ve started because I want to be ready to apprehend divine things. Make me ready. Do what needs to be done. Change what needs to be changed. May I use what’s already in my hands and keep them open to receive more of the divine.

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We know it deep in our bones…way down in our soul…in the places that are often covered up by routine, broken hearts, and fear. We know we were created for more, in the spot that’s never satisfied until we give it more of You. We were created in and for a wholly different kingdom, bound to return and this skin doesn’t always seem to fit just right. Sometimes this air feels too thin and these hearts too fragile.

But You, God…You are both the beginning and the completion of that…more. Not only do You invite us to a table prepared with more than we could ask or think, but You lead us there and then sit down to dine beside us.

I have set my heart on You. You are too lovely, this life is too short, and there is too much good to be done to waste myself on anything or anyone else. May we never forget who we are and to what we’ve been invited.

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