December 2016

Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection fulfilled over 300 prophecies. No other religious leader this world celebrates has ever done that. No one else was foretold. No one else so announced. The likelihood of one man fulfilling every prophecy the way Jesus did is something only a God could do. It was a miracle.

Jesus birth broke a 400 year silence. There had been no angelic visitations, no prophets, and no miracles to tell of. Jesus showed up and changed everything. God interrupted the silence in a way that was unexpected but it was the way He said He would. God always keeps His word. Even when it seems like He’s forgotten, like the silence is going to last 100’s of years. At just the right time – He breaks through and He changes everything.

God, You are the God whose love is more beautiful than any language we could use to describe it, than any landscape this Earth holds. You are the God whose mercy is newer than the perfect feet of a newborn baby. Your grace is more calming than a well-trained musician, rain on tin, the waves on the shore, or a gentle breeze in the leaves.

Whatever we need – You are. You are the promise keeper. The One that never forgets. That never gives up.

Thank you for never giving up on us. Keep us forever tethered to You. When our hearts are a mess and our minds tangled, never give up. Keep us close. And closer every day.

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