October 2016

I’m sitting at the computer listening to my favorite music and watching from the window as my girls play outside in their bathing suits. The summer was so hot that the swing set sat lonely much of the time, but now autumn is closing in on us. The temperature has cooled. The days are calmer.

Heaven is touching down in my backyard. I see it in the colors and I hear it in the sounds. A year ago, God was inviting me into a season change I didn’t want. It was the same time of year but it sounded different. It was almost all bitter with intermittent sweet. I was scared. Change is still hard after all these years. Maybe even harder.

We didn’t do school today. The yard held more to learn than our books. The day needed fresh air, imagination, and freedom. We gave in to the need. Joy came this morning. She is such a strong, beautiful friend. She needed my attention. So I gave in to that too.

I could sit with a cup of tea and a good soundtrack watching my children for hours. Their joyful innocence, uncontrolled beauty, and contagious belief captivate me. The hope and love I have for them envelopes me and makes light of any care I carry. I fight tears as I watch them on their invisible horses, climbing towers, and fighting enemies.
They are my highest praise.

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