September 2016

The decisions of a leader are never easy. I’ve found myself secretly sympathizing lately with those from my past that I have followed. I wonder if they lost sleep, cried late nights, or stirred up ailments too. Just hearing the Spirit of God on a situation can be difficult enough but then following through with what you hear when others didn’t can be the most difficult. Many times it’s a responsibility I wish wasn’t mine…but it is. Hopefully God can trust me to do the right thing with my stewardship.

I heard God calling me deeper many months ago. He knows I was reluctant to follow. I was in a very good place. I knew He wanted to enlarge some territory in my life and move me to new glory but I really didn’t want to leave where I was. It may have been a first for me. Most of my life has been spent trying to leave difficult seasons. I was in a very different place this time. Deep down, I hoped this new season would meet me with as much joy and adventure as the last one did. So far it has been full of hard decisions, complete exhaustion, and lonely choices. With each advancement, the stakes seem to get higher. To go where most won’t, you have to live like most don’t. Which means many others will never understand. All I know is that if God is where I’m going, I’m all in and I am holding on to the promise that joy comes in the morning.

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