August 2016

I heard a phrase once that stuck with me. I’ve now heard so many speakers say it that I’m no longer confident who said it first. God is looking for a “long obedience in the same direction.” I am wholly convinced this is true.

This life can be so monotonous. It can seem like we work hard just to get up the next day and do all the same things over again, all hoping and praying that our children will continue the process. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and discouraging. Some days I don’t even know where to start and no matter how long and hard I work I can’t get out from under the load.

But this I know to be true: Jesus deserves it all, not just the miraculous but also the mundane. I would follow Him to the ends of the earth. I would run if I could but sometimes the routine only allows for a crawl. That’s okay with me. I will stay in His direction no matter how long and hard the journey. I will lift my eyes up from the work because when I do, I see Him…everywhere. And He is beautiful. And He makes all things beautiful in their time.

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