May 2016

I really like completed things. It goes against every fiber of my nature to not finish something. I’ve finished books I didn’t like and tasks that were unimportant just because I started them. A well-organized closet and a clean house make me happier than they probably should. I think a totally crossed off to-do list is reason to celebrate and if that ever happened for me, I just might frame it.

This trait helps me task well and accomplish what God has called me to but it can also be overwhelming because there is always more to be done. There is always a new task, a new job, problem, mess, and dream. It’s a good thing. It means my life is full of good things. I’m glad I have so many people to love and serve. I am thankful for my house and my family that both contribute to my list of things to do. I am honored that God would call me to be a minister even when the byproduct is more to be finished.

But if I’m not careful, my tasks can overshadow what really matters. They can blind me and push beyond where God has called. It can turn into an impatient discontent that longs for something not yet accomplished. When I feel this rush in my soul for completion, I remember that my Savior said three of the most precious words ever spoken when He died for me on the cross. He said, “It is finished.” He is the greatest finisher. My ability to multitask is not what holds my life together – He is.

Jesus needs to always be at the top of our lists. Not so He’s another task to be marked off, but so He’s always where we start. God has given each of us an invitation to the holy of holies. Are we going there? Our work unto Him is done in the holy place but are we pausing long enough to go further still? The offer is on the table before us, will it make it to the top of our list of things to do?

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